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Founded in 1975, LINCORA is a manufacturer of premium all welded standard and custom lockers. Premium means, among other things, that it is common to see 30 or 35 years old LINCORA lockers that are still structurally efficient.

Lockers are needed in virtually every facility and often are the only personal space an employee would have at work. We therefore believe that it is important to ensure that the lockers provided by the employer allow a better organization of storage and properly meet the employees’ needs.

Imagine Your Locker

Today’s new technologies give you the opportunity to fit the lockers to your space, and not the other way around. LINCORA has created a game changing tool, the LINCORA Configurator, which is at the very heart of our company’s automation approach.

  • Imagine and create a locker that will meet all your user’s storage requirements.
  • Adapt the locker to your space, and not the other way around.
  • Adjust the dimensions, if necessary, during the construction of your project.

It is the reason why we can now propose 100% customized lockers, at the same cost as a standard high quality all welded ones. It also allows us to go further and say that “CUSTOM IS STANDARD” to us. The perfect locker that you have imagined is the one we will make. From the dimensions and features to the options and colors, the LINCORA Configurator can answer all your locker storage challenges.


Inspiring colors

to brighten up your workspace

Internal branding can help your employees better internalize your organization’s mission, vision and values. A key aspect of this process are colors, as they encourage productivity and stimulation while keeping your employees engaged.


Innovative Configurator

Imagine your ideal locker and let the LINCORA Configurator create it!

In a matter of minutes, the LINCORA Configurator will generate your locker drawings and specification sheets, automatically program the production equipment, and be ready to create your unique locker.


Locker Options
to meet YOUR Designs Needs

Featuring Adaptive Robustness our 100% welded metal lockers are built to your specific needs.

Thanks to the LINCORA Configurator, you can address your particular challenges and optimize the robustness and longevity of your locker. You can easily pair a standard gauge body with a heavy gauge door or do the reverse.

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